Current insulation standards are far higher than the standard of insulation installed 20 years ago, which was far thinner and much less effective. Old insulation can even become a fire hazard if the fire retardant chemicals in them have disintegrated, which does happen over time. This can also occur if downlights have been installed without proper covers. Rodent retardant chemicals also break down over time, allowing pests to nest in your roof space. In such cases, the existing insulation should be removed and replaced. If you attempt to fit newer, thicker batts on top of old cellulose insulation, the new insulation will result in additional weight on the ceiling and the extra load may become a hazard, making the ceiling unsafe. Removing old insulation, in particular cellulose fibre insulation, can be hazardous when handled incorrectly. Attempting to remove insulation(existing ) yourself will expose you to dust, vermin and allergens, as well as confined spaces and high temperatures for long periods of time.

Eco Insulation WA specialises in insulation removal of existing batt insulation or cellulose fibre insulation, for residential and commercial properties throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Our trained and qualified staff have extensive experience in the building industry. Our aim is to provide quality service and solutions to homes and businesses in Perth, that meet and exceed industry expectations and standards. We can provide advice and recommendations to suit your budget and other requirements. We are members of the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association, so all our projects are completed at a high standard of quality, safety and professionalism, that complies with Australian standards, regulations and safety requirements.

Don’t risk your health with inexperienced removalists. Let the experts remove your existing insulation. Our technicians use safe and effective procedures for the removal of old ceiling batts and cellulose fibres. Using the latest insulation removal equipment, we are able to remove all existing insulation. Our truck mounted vacuum machine can remove all types of existing insulation and rubbish from your roof. We will ensure that all loose forms such as old cellulose, dust, leaves and animal faeces are vacuumed out and disposed of, according to Australian standards and regulations. Your property will then be ready for the installation of new insulation, which will be safer, healthier, more efficient and more cost effective. At Eco Insulation, our skilled employees can assess your property and advise on the most appropriate course of action, ensuring that we will find the right solution for your particular requirements.

Insulation Removal of House in Perth