11 Benefits of Eco Friendly Insulation

The energy efficiency or inefficiency of your home can depend significantly on whether or not you have insulation. If you don’t have proper insulation, you could spend more money on heating and cooling.

The effectiveness of insulation is measured by its thermal resistance value (R-value), which shows the resistance of the material to heat transfer. The higher the resistance value is, the more efficient the insulation is. The R-value number depends on what the material is, how and where it is installed and the thickness and density of it. It is important to consider the type of insulation you require to make your home more relaxing and increase the viability of your property.

Insulation increases the energy efficiency of your home, but not all types are truly eco-friendly. Materials like polystyrene and fibreglass are effective, but producing them uses large amounts of energy, while diminishing resources in the lengthy manufacturing process.

Proper eco-friendly insulation is contrived in a maintainable and viable manner, reducing the demand for heating and cooling options when the weather changes. Eco-friendly insulation requires low amounts of carbon and energy to create. They can be recycled or turned into compost and the materials used to make them are freely obtainable and durable.

Materials used to make the product are not harmful and should not cause irritation. Insulation in the home is found in three main areas; the roof space, the wall space and the floor space. At Eco Insulation WA, our experienced insulation contractors can offer advice and assist with eco-friendly insulation or insulation removal for your old insulation. Our range of expertise covers roof insulation, acoustic insulation and even whirlybird installations.

Using ecological fibre insulation in your property has many benefits, apart from effective thermal insulation. These are eleven benefits of eco-friendly insulation:

• Non-toxic and able to be handled safely
• Nil or lower amounts of irritants and poisons
• Lower risk of health problems over time
• Reduces the risk of an allergic response
• Efficient acoustic levels
• Reduced amounts of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emitted during production
• Disposable and decomposable
• Ecological and biodegradable
• Nil offcut waste
• Fire retardant
• Usually manufactured locally

The team at Eco Insulation WA can assist with all manner of wall, roof and ceiling insulation. We specialise in roofing and reroofing and we are dedicated to ensuring that the insulation installation process is worry free and budget friendly.

We fit and supply eco-friendly products for properties of all sizes and service the Perth metropolitan area. For all types of insulation installation, call our staff today.