Home Insulation for Summers

Insulation Installation

Insulation is best known for keeping homes warm in the winter, but few people realise that a properly insulated home also saves money on electricity bills in the summer. There are many benefits to insulating your home this summer. Insulation works by slowing heat movement between two materials, using dead air-space or cells within a material, to trap air and slow the heat-flow between objects of differing temperatures. If you have an uninsulated roof or walls for example, heat travels through them easily, which means on a hot day, it is difficult to keep cool air in and warm air out. To make matters worse, as your home loses cool air, an equal amount of hot, humid air, enters your home to replace the cool air that was lost. This invisible process called air exchange, is one of the main contributing factors for hot, sticky homes during the summer. Roofing materials such as metal sheeting absorb heat from the sun. Without proper insulation, this heat transfers through into the attic space. This can cause a serious problem, allowing heat to seep into your house, putting a bigger strain on the cooling system, as it struggles to stay at the cool temperatures that makes your home comfortable.

There are various types of insulation available to keep your home cool this coming summer. Some of these are roof, ceiling, wall and floor insulation. At Eco Insulation, our qualified team can advise you on the best types of insulation for your home and provide you with a competitive, obligation-free quotation. Call us today!