What is Eco Friendly Insulation and Why is it Important?

Eco Friendly Insulation

An Eco Friendly product is one that is manufactured from safe and sustainable materials, saves on energy costs and lowers manufacturing costs. Eco Friendly insulation, are types of insulation where the manufacturing process, materials, and toxicity of the product, are factors that have been considered, in relation to the environment. Little energy is required for the production of these insulation materials, which are completely recyclable as well. This is important when it comes to thermal insulation, as inefficient resources and poor installation techniques tend to damage the environment. Sustainable building materials on the other hand, can drastically boost the energy rating of buildings. Some of the most common eco-friendly insulation materials are glasswool, polyester, sheep’s wool, cellulose and earthwool. Australian properties leak up to four times more air than American and European properties. This causes warmth to escape during the cooler months. Common places where air can escape include exterior corners, outdoor water taps, electrical outlets, doors and window frames. Compression, air leakage and dampness are the main culprits behind poor insulation. Insufficient space between the ceiling and roof, can also contribute to leakages. Certain down lights and fans also cause problems, allowing air and heat to escape.

Every property is unique and it is important to consider all factors when deciding what material is right for your home or business. Insulation made from sustainable building materials, must be installed correctly in order to perform well. At Eco Insulation we can advise you on the various benefits of each type of insulation and how they affect your property, choosing the best type of insulation for you. Call our experienced estimators today, for an obligation-free quotation.