How to Choose The Right Roofing Contractor in Perth?

Re Roofing

One of the most important aspects of any building is the roof. Commercial buildings are often extremely expensive and can cover large areas, making it necessary for roofing to be durable sturdy and strong. This offers protection and safety to clients, staff and the products that are manufactured or stored in the building.




Commercial and residential metal roofing have much the same basics, but very different challenges. The size of a commercial roof is the first challenge. Factories, warehouses and schools require more labour and organisation to be roofed or re-roofed efficiently.

Roofing of a commercial building requires more access equipment, cranes, extra-long trucks, staff and safety procedures are required.




Metal roofing is light and easy to handle, as each sheet covers a large area, compared to other more traditional roofing materials and is cheaper to install. It offers an affordable alternative that will address the necessity of keeping commercial and residential buildings safe from weather and other factors like animals, fire, etc.

Metal roofing such as Colorbond has a wide choice of designs and colours. It’s strong, durable and very suitable for all kinds of commercial and residential buildings, reflecting heat, standing up to driving wind and rain and providing cover that can be relied upon for many years in the future.




Many residential properties require maintenance and repairs, or even roof replacement at some point. We can change your roof from tile to tin, re-roof your tin roof, installation of new Colorbond roofing and also help with your renovation extensions through our Building Division Sandalwood Constructions (Reg. Builder 102249)




Our roofers and contractors are reliable and experienced. At Eco Insulation, we understand that safety, cost and minimal disruption to a business, is of the utmost importance, but we will never compromise on quality or service.

Eco Insulation take pride in all our work, skill level and attention to detail and want to give our clients a roof they can be proud of and rely on. We can organise everything to get the job done, from traffic control to waste removal. Eco Insulation work together in partnership with Sandalwood Constructions (Reg. Builder 102249) for additional renovation, extensions and new build projects

Call us for all your commercial roofing and re-roofing solution and put your mind at ease.